Nestled amidst the sparsely wooded ridges of the Aravalli Hills, Udaipur never fails to enthrall the visitors with its shimmering lakes and imposing palaces. Above all, it has all the requisites to succeed as the most romantic place in India. Awe-inspiring palaces, havelis, temples, colourful streets proffer a perfect blend of rich history, culture and traditions of Rajasthan. Besides the natural settings and lakes, what give the soul to the true beauty of Udaipur are its majestic architectures – which belong to the grand house of Mewars. The Mewar Kings not only preserved and endorsed the refined architecture in the region but also took a great care of its lakes. Due to their sheer love and passion for architecture and natural beauty, Udaipur could retain its inimitable identity and gorgeousness over the centuries. Let us talk about some of the attractions of Udaipur.

City Palace of Udaipur:  

This is where you can observe and explore the true grandeur and history of Rajasthan, City Palace is the most sought after tourist destination in Udaipur. The entire palace is created by integrating several stunning buildings and robust towers. Hence, it is also called the Palace Complex. Created and preserved by the royal Mewar family, the brevity and elegance of the architecture leave you spellbound. The major attractions of the entire complex are – the vintage car museum, Daawat-i-Aam, the crystal gallery, Daawat-i-Khas and Maharani Palace. This palace also offers a spectacular view of the Lake Pichola. Another major attraction is the Mewar Light and Sound Show, which is performed every evening here.

Lake Palace of Udaipur:

The most wonderful thing about Lake Palace is that it is built on Lake Pichola, which provides natural beauty and attractive setting to it. It is situated on the Jagniwas Island, which is now maintained and run by the Taj Group of hotels. This is the reason why, it is also known as the Taj Lake Palace. The purple and ochre ridges of the Aravalli Hills in the background create an enticing silhouette to proffer it as the most romantic place in Rajasthan. Besides soaking in the beauty and opulence of this palace, one can take a heritage walk to revisit the glory of the Royal Rajasthan. This palace is also a treasure-trove for the lovers of delicate architecture, which is complimented by fretwork screen, sculpted marbles and gilt mouldings.

Lake Pichola of Udaipur:

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the pristine Lake Pichola contributes a lot in providing a unique identity to Udaipur. It is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the world. Almost every visitor takes a boat ride from Rameshwar Ghat in the City Palace to explore the 4km area of Lake Pichola, which also has two small but hugely popular islands named as Jagmandir and Jagniwas. One can enjoy the majestic view of the Lake Palace from the Jagniwas Island.

Jagdish Temple:

The famous Jagdish temple is built by the Maharana Jagat Singh and its structure is based on the culmination of the Indo-Aryan architecture. The deity of Jagganath or Lord Vishnu presides over this grand temple in the form of a black stone idol. This temple is located near the Badi Pol, which is the entry point to the City Palace. There is a brass image of the Lord Vishnu’s mythical vehicle Garuda, placed in front of the statue of the main shrine. Like any other typical Hindu temple, there are many small shrines inside the main temple, which are dedicated to other gods. Each day, a large number of devotees throng the courtyard of the temple to participate in the grand Aarti ceremony at sunrise and sunset.

Bagore Ki Haveli:

The popular Bagore Ki Haveli is situated on the Ganguar Ghat on the Lake Pichola, which offers a magical view of the lake. It is one of the most bustling places in Udaipur, famed for its grand and massive architecture. This Haveli has 100 rooms and each room has been diligently complimented by the finest mirror work. One can re-visit the splendour of the glorious era, which is on display in the form of dice-games, jewelry boxes, hikes, nutcrackers, pan boxes, paintings of Mewar and copper vessels. Various dance and music shows take place in this majestic building.

The Fateh Sagar Lake:

The Fateh Sagar Lake is situated on the northern side of the Lake Pichola and intrinsically connected to it via a canal. There are three islands on the lake, which are considered ideal as a family outing joints. One can enjoy a boat ride on this lake.

Shilpgram or Craftsmen’s village:

The Shilpgram village is a perfect destination for all those looking to explore the culture and craft of Rajasthan. Only 3kms away from the main city of Udaipur, Shilpgram has various government-owned complexes which showcase the intricacies of the rural life of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. One can buy various handicrafts and traditionally designed items here and also enjoy the camel and horse rides.

The places, which are described above are only some of the attractions of Udaipur. The city has a lot more to surprise anyone.