As the temperatures start soaring across the nation, head towards some of the finest beaches in India to beat the heat in style. India is one of the few countries in the world, which has a long coastline and many gorgeous beaches. From the rocky and pebbled shores to golden sands – India is a heaven for beach lovers and water-sports enthusiasts. More often than not, when we talk about the beaches of India, common destinations that come in the mind are, Goa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Huge crowds usually throng all the popular beaches of these states every year. However, what about those who are looking for serene and incredibly beautiful beaches? Well, in that case, you can visit many virgin beaches of India, which have remained untouched by commercialisation and offer a lot to explore.

St. Mary’s Beach, Karnataka

Also known as Thonsepar and Coconut Island, St. Mary’s beach is spread across four small islands in the Arabian Sea, which are situated off the coast of Udupi in Karnataka. This beach is particularly famous for its amazing geological formation, made up of columnar basaltic lava, which creates some spectacular views. Travellers take a ferry ride from Malpe, a fishing harbour to visit this uninhabited beach, complemented by a beautiful and pristine coastline. This virgin beach does not have any accommodations for the visitors except a few concrete tiles to sit. A small part of the beach is filled with seashells, which are sprinkled around on the sand.

Best Time to Visit:  December and January.

Cavelossim Beach, Goa


Dotted by the lush greeneries and picturesque hillocks, the Cavelossim Beach in Goa is popular for its white sand and contrasting black rocks. As compared to other beaches in the state, this beach is very peaceful and quite where you can enjoy the majestic views, created by the confluence of the great Arabian Sea and Sal River. This beach stretch begins from the Majorda town in the north to the Cavelossim in the south. Majorda town has one of the largest temples in the state, which is dedicated to the goddess Shri Shantadurga. Take a walk on its golden sands to soak in the beauty of a serene and stunning ambience.

Best Time to Visit:  November to March.

Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

Blessed with enormous aquatic diversity, Agatti beach is known for turquoise blue water, multi-coloured fishes, sparkling coral reefs, and sea turtles. This beach is a part of a small chain of islands spread across an area around 450 km off Cochin. The entire beach is covered with lush green coconut palms and small hillocks. The main attraction of this beach is its soothing and peaceful setting. One can savour the latent beauty of this island at the time of low tides when reefs create striking views. There are other opportunities to enjoy various water sports here like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and sailing.

Best Time to Visit:  October to April.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Undoubtedly, one of the best beaches in Asia, Radhanagar Beach has been remained a riddle for travellers because of its captivating appeal and unscathed elegance. However, it is named as “The 7th best beach in the world” by Time Magazine, this beach does not receive many visitors every year – maybe because of its location. The azure and crystal clear waters of this beach create an awe-inspiring imagery amidst a serene environment, which certainly lifts the spirits of the visitors. The innate beauty of this beach lies in its white sand and blue waters and palm trees.

Best time to visit: November to April

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Fringed by palm trees, this beach is considered as an amazing destination for all those seeking tranquillity amidst an overwhelming ambience. This beach is named after a resort, which is quite popular here and its original name is Kottakuppam beach. One of the attractions of this beach is a lane of rocks, which is exquisitely placed within the sea and the entire structure appears like a tail or a bridge, emerging from the water. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pondicherry, which is complemented by shimmering waters and golden sands. However, there is so much to explore and experience on this beach, you would never find it over-crowded.

Best time to visit: September to March

Nagoa Beach, Diu


Emerald water, white sands, and verdant forests, Nagoa Beach is one of the most beautiful and largest beaches in India, which is located on the southeast of Diu Island.  Overlooking a quaint fishing village, the most outstanding thing about this village is its beauty and setting as this land is bestowed with all that you can call exquisite and has remained untouched by any sort of commercialisation. The swaying palm trees and cool breeze create an invigorating environment for the visitors, who can also enjoy swimming and other water sports here.

Best Time to Visit: April to October

Cola Beach, Goa

Dotted by coconut groves and small hillocks – this beach is quite different from the other popular beaches of Goa. This uninhabited beach has remained one of the last virgin beaches in Goa, which is a perfect gateway for all those who are looking for a comforting atmosphere to get some peace of mind. Savour the splendid views of sunrise and sunset here against a majestic backdrop. You can also spot some seagulls here, which further add to the overall beauty of this virgin island.

Best Time to Visit: October and February.

Talasari Beach, Orissa

Known for its majestic coconut and palm groves, Talasari beach is located in the Baleswar district of Odisha. Interestingly, the name Talasari is a combination of two words – Tala means palm and Sari means row. Thus, this beach earned its name because of the palm trees, which have covered almost 70% of its total area. One can savour the beauty of its beautiful sand dunes and mild waves, which create a perfect ambience. The calm waters of this beach also allow people to enjoy swimming and other water sports here.

Mochemad Beach, Maharashtra

Nestled beautifully amidst several verdant hills and mountains, Mochemad Beach is located around 10km from the town of Vengurla in Maharashtra. This unspoiled and stunning beach has been remained one of the favourite destinations for bird-watchers, as it is home to innumerable migratory birds and aquatic species. There are many naturally adorned spots on this beach, where one can relax and savour the innate beauty of the surroundings, which also include crystal-clear waters and golden sands. In fact, this clean beach also has some remarkable attractions nearby such as forts and Sargeshwar Shiva temple. The sunrise and sunset views are considered as other main attractions of this serene beach.

Best Time to Visit: October to February.

Yarada Beach, Vishakhapatnam

Far away from the hustle-bustle of a city, Yarada Beach in Vishakhapatnam is immensely blessed by nature. Complimented by verdant hills and thick groves on three sides, this beach has remained untouched by any sort of commercialisation.  This beach also has the second-largest coastline in India.

Best time to visit: October- March