There might be few doubts and repercussions in your mind, when it comes to traveling in Kashmir as it is prone to civil unrest and violence. Well, all we have got to say is Kashmir knows how to treat their guests. Alike all of India – Kashmir also believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” Or every tourist is God incarnated.

Popularly acknowledged as “Switzerland of India” and “heavens on earth”, Kashmir is a destination that will never fail to attract tourists. The mind boggling views of exquisite gardens and snow clad mountains can make this state probably the most sought after tourist place in India. But unfortunately a place which was once a top visited destination by foreigners now attracts very few travelers from abroad.

Many people from different parts of this globe have shown interest in traveling to Kashmir during their India Vacation. Post 2010, the tourism industry in Kashmir has boomed among the globe trotters but according to the Union Tourism Ministry, J&K has received only 1% of the 80,00,000 tourist arrivals in India 2015.

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For us traveling in Kashmir is all about floating houseboats, complete panoramic views, lush greenery and views that you just cannot take your eyes off from. Apart from that, the craggy terrains, inclined meadows, arrogant hills and astounding mountains offer a range of adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, skiing, camping, Paragliding and snowboarding that people can enjoy while traveling in Kashmir.

As travel and tourism is a thriving affair in Kashmir, there are numerous tourism guides available for reference. Besides, tourists can also opt for tailor made tours offered by different local tour operators in planning the best out of traveling in Kashmir. Considering the importance of this beautiful state, The Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2016 has awarded this state as the most romantic state in India. Some of the popular tourist destinations of this site include: Pahalgam, Srinagar and Gulmarg

How safe is traveling in Kashmir – Several Informative Details

People often consider safety as an important issue while it comes to traveling in Kashmir. A special police force, called the “Tourist Police” is posted at all important tourist points in Kashmir. The force is headed by the Superintendent of Police himself in order to ensure prevention of any kind of harassment to tourists. The Indian Government has also enacted a special law called the “J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act”.

Under this act, “some officers of the Tourism Department have been vested with magisterial powers, including the power of compounding, in case of cheating, overcharging, harassment, pestering, toting, etc. faced by tourists. Tourists are urged to contact the nearest tourism officer or the Deputy Director Tourism (Enforcement), with complaints, if any, or for solving problems faced by them.” – []

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With residents, who are very friendly, warm, polite and respectful the state just lives on to be a traveler’s paradise. And there’s more! Another exciting fact about the valley is; Kashmiri’s happen to be really good hosts. Whether it is the tourist guide or the local crowd, everyone is really nice.

Even Sharell Cook, India Expert of (travel) feels the same. Check what she has to say about her Kashmir visit .

Note: It is highly recommended to stay in constant touch with a your local tour operator and to discuss briefly about the itinerary and route map before your arrival. Do not travel by road from Delhi or any other actual place of your arrival in India and only travel by air to Sri Nagar.

Information On The Popular Tourist Destinations In Kashmir

The magnificence of this amazing state, lying in the bosom of the Himalayas is reflected in its beautiful cities of,

nishat bagh

Srinagar: Featuring the beautiful Dal Lake and the snow clad Himalayan range, Srinagar is truly the summer capital of India and offers a range of wonderful tourist destinations to travelers. This city also attracts a large number of tourists from India and abroad. This also happens to be one of the places that will make you feel safe with its warmth. Capacitated with lakes, Mughal Gardens, handicrafts and houseboats, Srinagar always ready to “wow” you whenever you set foot in its precinct. The beautiful lakes of this city nestled in the peaks of Pir Panjal ranges are famous for leisure rides in houseboats and shikaras.

Apart from the above mentioned places, there are some other tourist attractions in this state like as the Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi Bagh, the Tulip Garden, Shankaracharya Temple and Hazratbal Dargah.


Gulmarg: Located around 70 kms away from Srinagar, Gulmarg is a tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and enchanting tourist attractions. Located 8825 feet above from the sea level, this destination offers complete panoramic views of the snow capped Mountain Apharwat peaks and an amazing scenic beauty of the surrounded valleys. Famous all around for adventurous activities and natural beauty, Gulmarg works as the ideal summer retreat for tourists both in and outside of this country. There are a number of activities that tourist can do to enjoy their stay while traveling in Kashmir. One of these is to take the cable car to experience the mesmerizing scenery created by nature or frolicking in the snow. Though the Pakistan border is just a 30 minutes hike from this place, but still Gulmarg happens to be one of the safest places known in Kashmir. Gulmarg is also considered as one of the highest skiing resorts in India with the availability of hilly slopes ranging between 8,700 and 10,500 feet.



Sonamarg: Sonamarg is yet another marvel situated in the heart of a valley carved by the Sind River. Also known as the Meadow of Gold, this destination includes a breathtaking drive on the mesmerizing Srinagar-Ladakh highway. In this place, the nature is just at its poetic best and encourages tourists to trek to the Thajiwas Glacier. While spending their holidays in Kashmir, the travelers can choose to stay at any of the meadows at night under the starlit skies to feel complete peace and totally cocooned. To get the most updated news about the present situation of Sonamarg, tourists can consult with local tour operator or just take a glance at local news channels.

PahalgamPahalgam: Nestled beside the Lidder River, Pahalgam is another serene and quaint town famous for its beauty all over the Kashmir Valley. This is actually a rural valley, which depicts the true picture of virgin nature. This place also unveils extensive meadows, breathtaking views of pine forests, the gorgeous Lidder River and snow capped mountains. All these features make this place a preferred destination for Bollywood filmmakers. Besides, this place is also the base point of different popular treks like as Chandanwari, Kolahoi Glacier etc. One of the best attributes of Pahalgam is its weather. This place remains cool even in the peak summer season always presenting a welcoming mood to all its visitors.

To get the most updated news about the present situation of Pahalgam, tourists can consult with their local tour operator.

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Kashmir, is that state of the Indian Sub-continent, which, if not explored, leaves your tour incomplete. Not only is the state a feast for your eyes, it presents your soul the much-needed rejuvenation and refreshment needed for you to get back to the force of life. With its magnificently awesome surroundings and views, Kashmir comes with all the tourist attractions to which the travelers get attracted to. Make sure your bucket list have Traveling in Kashmir this season by all means if you want your life reinforced with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

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