How about watching a few travel inspiration videos before you start your India travel this year? I understand how difficult it is for a traveler to sit tightly on a couch and daydream about the destination when already bitten by the travel bug.  Do not worry! Today I have brought some antidotes to share with you all. I present you with the best five India Travel videos that will visually transport you to Incredible India.

So let us Jet Set Go…

Inspirational India Travel Videos

1. GO India

On top of my list is the very recent video about traveling in India by Joshua Morin. I have ranked it number one because it shows the real India that everyone wants to behold. The captivating colors, faces, people and the spiritual soul of India. I second his thoughts – “this place is special, so unique!” Don’t you agree with me?


One of the most impulsive videos that traversed through the most prominent North India Travel destinations. The video is not only about the places but also about their surroundings, which always fascinate me. Be ready to get spellbound!

3. Incredible India-J&K Tourism- Directors Cut

I must confess that in the year 2015, I must have watched this video atleast 100 times. But why? It’s because the way the video is directed with a meditative light. It showcases the cultural and natural landscapes that a traveler would encounter in Jammu and Kashmir, also known as heaven on earth.

4. Shadow of Southern India

This is the journey of deep southern India. From the backwaters of Kerala to the pristine beaches of Tamil Nadu, Manoj Rai has brought us peace and greenery of South India. What do you think?

5. Incredible India – Open Up

The video was produced to promote tourism in this lesser known part of India. And it really exhibits the serenity of mystical North East India. You may have already observed in the video that roaming in this region will grant you peace and thrills at the same time!

These are my five best picks to inspire anyone to travel to India. If you have some videos to share then please feel free to put a comment and I will definitely give it a look. To know more about the places shown in these videos, you can always reach me here.